Research profile of Department of Anatomy

As a university department, the Department of Anatomy undertakes research as one of its key activities.  Thus senior members participate in department-wide research as supervisors of graduate students’ project works.  Each senior member, in addition, has specialized research theme of interest in which he or she studies.  Some of the research areas of senior members of the department are:

Natural cocoa ingestion and microscopic anatomy of organs in laboratory and experimentally- disease conditions,  Human Anthropometry, comparative morphology of natural, and treated human hair, comparative structure of of carotid bodies and arteries in insectivorous/frugivorous bats and laboratory mammals, comparative studies on hearing apparatus in bats and laboratory mammals, neural tube development , cardiac muscle development and  ultrastructure,  structure of the human placenta in health and disease, experimental embryology and cytogenetics.

Research Projects.

  • Microscopic structure of the femoral vein in rats treated with streptozotocin prior to prolonged feeding with cocoa.
  • Effect of regular consumption of cocoa on development of atherosclerosis in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.
  • Morphological profile of hairs from head, eyebrow, axilla, and pubic regions in Ghanaian adolescents.
  • Facial anthropometric indices of adult Ghanaians with respect to nine neoclassical canons.
  • Effect of daily cocoa/chocolate ingestion on blood pressure, serum lipid and magnesium levels in hypertensive and normotensive Ghanaians.
  • Correlation of height with anatomic-obstetric dimensions of pelves in Ghanaian females.
  • Anatomical, cytogenetical, and endocrinological profiles of Ghanaian females showing masculine body hair distribution.
  • Explorative investigations into methods for preserving the structural integrity of the eyeball during histological processing.
  • Effect of regular cocoa ingestion on vascular morphology in rabbits born to hypercholestrolemic mothers.
  • Effect of regular ingestion of natural cocoa on testicular histology in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.
  • Facial anthropometric measurements in 12-13 year old Ghanaians.
  • Variation of placental index with volumetric composition of terminal villi of spontaneously delivered term placentas.
  • Effect of prolonged ingestion of cocoa on microstructure of cardiovascular organs in experimentally-induced hypertensive rats.



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Aaron Lante Lawson