Centre for Tropical Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Research at the Centre for Tropical Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics

The Centre for Tropical Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics (CTCPT) carries out studies on drugs used for treatment of tropical diseases, especially malaria, and onchocerchiasis, but also sickle cell disease, as well as HIV/AIDS.

The Centre conducts studies in the areas of clinical trials, pharmacogenetics, pharmacovigilance, pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacokinetics and clinical ethics. The Centre is also involved in research on interventions to improve rational use of drugs, drug safety, as well as risk communication. In July 2012, the CTCPT in collaboration with the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR) hosted the 5th All African Conference on Pharmacology in Accra, Ghana. The conference was well attended and laid the foundation for a strong African participation in the next World Congress of Pharmacology scheduled for July 2014 in Cape Town, South Africa.


Ongoing projects at the Centre - 2012-2013

1.   Title:Better Medicines for children project

     Objective: to assess current practices of administration of children’s medicines by healthcare workers and parents/caretakers of children in Ghana.

     Project period: 2011-2013

     Role: Principal Investigator (Prof D. Ofori-Adjei)

     Funding: World Health Organisation (Bill and Belinda Gates Foundation)


2.  Title:African Journals Partnership

     Objective: to strengthen the African health and medical journals so that they can be accepted into MEDLINE, resulting in African health and medical research being available to the world.

     Project period: 2013- (ongoing)

     Role: Co-Director (Prof. D. Ofori-Adjei)

     Funding: National Institutes of Health (NIH)


3.  Title:MEPI pilot grant (KNUST-UM emergency medicine collaboration)

     Objective: to build capacity in emergency medicine in Ghana

     Role: Advisory Board Member (Prof. D. Ofori-Adjei)


4.  Title:Post-doctoral Fellowship programme 

     Objective: to train young African scientists in research related to global health related disease control and prevention in Africa.

     Project period: 2012-ongoing  

     Role: Advisory board member (Prof. D. Ofori-Adjei)


5.  Title:Monitoring and evaluation of Pfizer malaria intervention study involving licensed chemical sellers and access to ACT’s

     Objective: to evaluate a community-based intervention on the care of children under 5 years presenting with a fever at home and by Licensed chemical sellers.

     Project period: 2007-2012

     Role: Team leader (Prof. D. Ofori-Adjei)

     Funding: Pfizer philantrophy


6.  Title: Putative protective effects of sulphamethoxazole-trimethoprim on malaria incidence in HIV-infected children

     Objective: to elucidate mechanisms underlying the putative protective effects and potential toxicity of cotrimoxazole prophylaxis in HIV-infected children

     Project period: 2012-2013

     Role: Principal Investigator (Dr G. O. Adjei)

     Funding: University of Ghana-Brown University Academic Partnership for HIV/AIDS


7.  Title: Establishment of a high performance liquid chromatographic method for measurement of plasma levels of selected antimalarial drugs in Ghanaian children with HIV or sickle cell disease

     Objective: to develop novel analytical methods to measure the levels of selected antimalarial drugs in plasma of children with HIV infection or sickle cell diseases with acute malaria

     Project period: 2011-2013

     Role:Principal Investigator (Dr. G.O. Adjei)

     Funding: Office of Research, Innovation and Development (ORID), University of Ghana


8.  Title: Improving correct diagnosis and treatment of malaria in ruralGhana

     Objective: to evaluate operational and implementation factors important in the correct diagnosis and treatment of childhood malaria in rural areas in Ghana

     Project period: 2011-2012 

     Role: Co-Principal Investigator (Dr. G.O. Adjei)

     Funding: Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)


9.  Title:Safety, efficacy and pharmacokinetics of antimalarial therapy in children with HIV or sickle cell disease

     Objective: a clinical trial aimed at evaluating the safety and efficacy of artemisinin combination therapies specifically in children with HIV infection or sickle cell disease co-infected with acute malaria, and to describe the pharmacokinetics of these regimens in this sub-group of patients. The study aims at generating evidence on the possible need for dose adjustment of these drugs when used concomitantly with other drugs routinely used to manage the underlying condition.

     Project period: 2009-2012.

     Role:Principal Investigator (Dr. G. O. Adjei)

     Funding: Consultative Research Council for Development (FFU) Danish International Development Assistance (DANIDA)


10.Title:In vitro susceptibility of Ghanaian Plasmodium falciparum isolates to Antimalarial  drugs after a change in malaria treatment policy

     Date: 2011- up to date    

     Funding: US Naval Medical Research Unit (NAMRU-3) 

     Role: Principal Investigator (Dr N.B. Quashie)


11.Title:Monitoring the efficacy of antimalarial drugs for the treatment of uncomplicated malaria in Ghana 

     Date:2010- up to date    

     Funding: Global fund

     Role: Investigator (Dr N.B. Quashie)


12.Title:Pharmacogenetics for every nation (PGENI) initiative

     Objective: the initiative aims at genotyping various genes in the Ghanaian population and mining published data for genetic information which will be used in building a database. This database of genetic information can then be integrated into public health decision-making and providing guidelines for medical prioritization using genetic information.

     Funding: The initiative is supported by University of North Carolina (Dr W. Kudzi)


13.Title: CYP2C9, VKORC1, and CYP4F2 variant frequencies in patients on both low and high stable warfarin maintenance therapy in Ghanaian population

(Dr W. Kudzi)


14.Title: Demographic, clinical and genetic risk factors for NVP hypersensitivity reactions in HIV patients

     Period: 2013-2014

     Role: Investigator (Dr W Kudzi)


15.Title: Post-Exposure Prophylaxis in healthcare workers in KBTH.

     Period: 2011-2013

     Role: Investigator (Edmund T. Nartey)


16. Title: Factors associated with regimen switch in HIV-positive patients attending KBTH.

      Period:  2011-2015

      Role: Investigator (Edmund T. Nartey)


17.Title: Health and social determinants of malnutrition and an audit of interventions to reduce the condition in a cohort of moderately and severely malnourished children attending Princess Marie Louise Hospital in Accra.

    Funding:  : 2012-2015

    Role: Investigator (Edmund T. Nartey)


18. Title: Child mortality indices at the Princess Marie Louise Hospital in Accra.

     Period: 2012-2015

     Role: Investigator (Edmund T. Nartey)


CTCPT Publications - 2012-2013

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Papers presented at conferences and Seminars 2012-2013

  1. Adjei GO. Uncomplicated malaria in children with sickle cell disease: are current treatment recommendations adequate? 2nd Nordic Malaria Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, September 2012
  2. Adjei GO.Bacteraemia and malaria in children with HIV infection or sickle cell disease: incidence and treatment outcomes. 36th Annual General and Scientific Meeting, West African College of Physicians, Accra, Ghana, October 2012
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