Research forms an integral part of teaching and learning in the department of Anaesthesia. Extensive work has been done in various areas of Anaesthesia but we now have to carry out most of the studies and publish them in reputable journals.

Members of faculty carry out their own projects but due to the nature of their work as Anaesthetists, they need to collaborate with other departments before they can achieve their desired goals. Postgraduate students also undertake their projects for fellowhips and award of degree. The studies in the department yet to be undertaken are as follows:


  1. The use of therapeutic opioids and pain management procedure at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.
  2. Magnesium Sulphate level in the management of  pre-eclampsia and eclampsia in pregnant women with hypertensive disease
  3. Magnesium level in perioperative and critically ill patients in Ghana
  4. Preoperative serum magnesium levels in adult general surgical patients requiring laparotomy in a Tertiary Teaching Hospital in Accra, Ghana
  5. Pain syndrome in HIV/AIDS positive patient in Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital
  6. Spinal Epidural follow-up after regional Anaesthesia
  7. Spinal and other types of chronic pain at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.
  8. Airway pressures in intubated patients
  9. The effect of intravenous lidocaine on the haemodynamic responses to endotracheal extubation in hypertensive patients at Korle-Bu Teachinh Hospital.
  10. The role of Normovolaemic Haemodilution plays in allogenic blood transfusion requirements in elective surgical patients in Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.
  11. Spinal Anaesthesia-induced hypotension during caesarean section in Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital. The efficacy and safety of Prophylactic intramuscular ephedrine.
  12. Measurement of Endotracheal tube cuff Pressure, the acceptable volume of air required in obtaining an acceptable cuff pressure at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.
  13. Factors influencing the choice of Anaesthesia as a field of specialty in University of Ghana Medical School, Korle-Bu teaching Hospital.
  14. Clinical audit in Anaesthesia



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Sent for Publication

1. “BMI trends of patients reporting to the anaesthetic clinic”.  Presenting for elective        anaesthesia and surgery.  Co-authored by Dr. HKK Baddoo and Dr. Frank Boni

 2. “BMI trends of patients presenting to the Anaesthetic Clinic


Ready for publication

3.Obstetric Anaesthesia chapter in labour ward manual 

Dr. Brenda Phillips