Oh Alumni!

Oh Alumni, the foundation and genesis of growth in numerous educational institutions. It is the love for a mother, love for the master and the sense of belonging that motivates numerous Alumni the world over to ensure the sustenance of their Alma matter.

As much as we are not forgetting the reasons why the Alumni association has been disfunctional, we cannot continue to undermine the importance of the Alumni. The loss incurred due to the distance currently existing between our beloved UGMS and the Alumni cannot be overemphasized.

We know most of you are aggrieved for several reasons but it is about time both the UGMS and the Alumni realized that there is more to gain if the cordial relationship developed over the years during your training is maintained. For this reason, we must make sure the chick that that lay the golden egg (our relationship) is healthy and sound.

It is thus time for the Alumni to take its rightful position in the affairs of the UGMS. a responsibility we, the Pro-Alumni Club, think is a must for the Alumni so as to:

1. serve as advocacy group to safeguard your interests in the UGMS.

2. promote friendship among members

3. establish and maintain a cordial and lasting relationship with the School

4. instill a sense of belonging

5. support your Alma matter

You are therefore all welcome, as the School is putting things right to make sure you continue to be its own. We ask that members of Alumni willingly join the rejuvenated Alumni Association.


The School has an office in charge of Alumni Affairs. Currently, the office has created a database consisting of names of all past students of the Medical School from 1969 to 2008. We are gradually getting in touch with the old students to register with the office. This website gives all alumni the opportunity to login into their accounts to update their personal profiles. To ensure privacy, all members have been assigned usernames and passwords. Members may contact Ben or Irene on 233 302 672029 for their passwords or write to btlarweh@yahoo.com orugmsalumni@chs.edu.gh.

The Alumni have undertaken a number of projects in the School including bearing the full cost of creating the ultra-modern Research/Alumni office. There are many projects in the school that need sponsorship so interested year groups are encouraged to contact the School for details and sponsorship.

Members can contact the office on the following:

Postal Address:

The Alumni/Research Office,


Box GP 4236,  Korle-Bu, Accra-Ghana.

Tel.      +233 302 672029

E-mail:  ugmsalumni@chs.edu.gh

Website: www.ugms.edu.gh/alumni